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Welcome to the Department of Arts Education

The DAE is dedicated to our students participating in the creation and discovery of learning the value, history, and importance of the arts in their lives and the world around them. We design our programs to ensure that all students are engaged and immersed in learning in and through the arts.

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  • By discovering the Historical, Cultural, and Social Contexts of the four art disciplines of dance, drama/theater, music, and the visual   and design arts. 
  • By making and performing as a means of Creative Expression and Communication.
  • By utilizing the skills of observation, reasoning, and critical thinking to apply Analyzing and Responding to The Arts.
  • By investigating the impact of The Arts, and the role of the artists to build the capacity for Valuing and Aesthetic Reflection.
  • By examining the Connections, Relationships, and Applications expressed by The Arts to their personal and social roles, and the larger world and varied cultures around them.

Arts Education in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District is dedicated to daily fulfilling the promise that ALL students will experience dance, drama/theatre, music, and the visual and design arts as an integral part of the comprehensive core curriculum.